In Home Wool Rug Cleaning For The Mid Hudson Valley (845)334-8323

Wool, Silk And Synthetic Rugs

Cleaned Safely And Thoroughly

In Your Home

If you’re rugs are in need of a good thorough cleaning you have another option than sending them out to a carpet cleaner. Many carpet cleaners offer area rug cleaning but outsource the cleaning to another rug cleaner. The process can takes weeks and the as the rug leaves the hands of the carpet cleaner you should consider any recourse you may have if your rug is lost, damaged or ruined during the cleaning.

We offer the Von Schrader “Air Cell Extraction” System to clean your rugs in your home even on your wood floors. Our detergents are Green Seal Certified and Wool Safe Approved. Safe for your rugs and safe for the earth. And because our system uses less than 90% of the moisture of steam cleaning your rugs will be dry and ready to use in about an hour!

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